Chamber Music Program

*Postponed Until Further Notice*

Enjoy collaborating with friends while taking your orchestral skills to the next level!

Program includes:

- Rehearsal Sessions with Professional Coaches* (see below)

- Chamber Concert at the end of the season (most likely May 31, 2020)

- Be chosen to represent MPO at paid gigs with your group

- Parties and Activities just for chamber students

- Working with other chamber groups

- Repertoire for all types of instruments including winds/percussion

*For MSO Chamber, groups will rotate with MPO professional coaches due to the coach's schedule. 

New MPO Chamber Jazz Division

Tuition (per semester*)
MPO Students w/ full coaching: $175
MSO Students w/ full coaching: $135
MPO Students wo/ coaching: $75
*(Ex. One Semester= Spring 2020, Fall 2021, etc.)
Chamber Rehearsals
As default, rehearsals will take place after MPO rehearsal on Sundays at Midwest Conservatory of Music unless stated otherwise.
Groups may talk with their coach to reschedule rehearsals that suit the coach's schedule. If a rehearsal time is being changed, groups must report the change to & to Naomi Matsunaga at
Rehearsal schedules will be released after the sign up deadline.
For policies regarding rehearsals, please click here
MPO & MSO Music Directors will select repertoire for each group unless the group has a piece of music in mind that is manageable for all of the students in the ensemble by the time of the Chamber Concert. Selections must be chosen with the agreement of all of the students in each group, and requests must be made to the group's Music Director before a week prior to the first rehearsal. If specific request is not made, repertoire will be selected by the Music Directors.
Depending on your instrument, your acceptance may be declined due to an insufficient number of students in the same instrumental field. In order to avoid this, applicants can invite other musicians from in or out of MPO to participate in the Chamber Program with them. Please also be advised that some groups (mainly percussion) may be charged a small fee for instrument rental. Currently, MPO has available: 1 Glockenspiel, 1 Snare, 1 Bass Drum, 1 Tam-Tam, 1 Xylophone, 1 Tambourine, 3 Timpani (set), 1 Cymbal, and 1 Triangle.
Apply For Chamber
Application Deadline For 2020 Spring Season:  Saturday, March 14th, 2020

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