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Audition Requirements

New membership auditions for Fall 2021 are currently being held virtually.

We have streamlined the audition process below.

Applicants will be accepted on a rolling basis until August 1, 2021.


[Winds and Brass] All 12 major scales.

  • Click here to see your instrument's required scales.


[Strings] Scales in three (or two) octaves. Please play 80 to 120 per quarter note with separate bows. Please refer to your required scales:


Midwest String Orchestra Scales (Two scales of choice)

Midwest Philharmonic Orchestra & Core Members (One scale of choice, one required)


[Winds and Brass] Two contrasting solos, movements or etudes. No accompaniment needed.

[Strings] A solo piece that shows the candidate’s techniques, musical interpretation and musicianship. No accompaniment needed. Please see chart below:

  • Midwest String Orchestra (For all strings): A solo piece or passage that includes up to 3rd (or 5th) position.

  • Midwest Philharmonic Orchestra (For all strings): A solo piece or passage that includes up to 5th (or higher) position.

  • Core Members:

    • Violin: W.A. Mozart Concerto No. 4 or 5, or something equivalent

    • Viola: C. Stamitz Concerto in D, or something equivalent

    • Cello: Haydn Concerto in C or D, or something equivalent

    • Bass: A standard concert piece


[All instruments] Sight-reading may be asked.


***There will be no sight-reading required for virtual auditions.***

After The Audition

Participants will receive permission to join after the audition. All ages are welcome. 

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All auditions take place at Midwest Conservatory of Music.

COVID-19: All auditions will be held online.

To Schedule An Audition, Email or submit a form on our PC version website.

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